Branding Case Study. I created a GAP campaign for their 2015 Back to School season after becoming interested in their recent branding woes, lack of sales, and lack of advertising since spring 2015. This was a brand strategy exercise to see if I could concept a way to help GAP become more competitive and interesting within the mid-tier fashion marketplace by giving the brand a more relevant, fresh, and relatable creative direction? Please review the case study below to review the thinking behind my rebrand idea for this iconic fashion company.

Creative Notes

Using real and relatable people to expand the borders of traditional beauty is a key element for executing this concept.  I photographed this case study with the help of a fabulous photography team, and we did this all out of pocket on August 8th, 2015. We used (mostly) real GAP product from their first Back to School delivery that was in stores the last week of July 2015. Models and photography team volunteered their time. We intentionally casted beautiful and extraordinary models who fit our concept. We believe that brands who cater to a diverse consumer group, like GAP, should have the confidence to reflect a wider range of beauty standards, especially when marketing to children. Consumers want this. Some brands are already doing this, like Target and Nordstrom. It would be great to see this well-known brand establish a fresh identity that not only generates sales, but also establishes a new unique and lovable brand voice that's really just an evolution from their initial message.


More Creative Notes

I had very specific stories in mind when I casted these pairs, and wanted the visuals to tell the story with only a small amount of teaser copy. As outlined below in the case study, the concept is to use real consumers, casted from a social media contest. My campaign, of course, isn't made of real people or scenarios, so I decided not to flesh out the microsite to show how their stories would unwind. The idea is to have the layouts tease you to want to know more. The goal is to engage consumers enough with additional campaign brand content so that they interact with the brand for a longer period of time. We also shot video to use as shorts on instagram...coming soon.

The Case Study