Me and my sidekick, Matilde

Me and my sidekick, Matilde

Hello!  Thanks for taking the time to explore my work.

For 19 years I have had the pleasure of working with some pretty amazing retail and fashion brands, along with an army of talented people.  I have experience working on several types of creative projects that span traditional print advertising, digital strategy and advertising, tv/video, retail collateral, direct mail, packaging, new branding strategies, web, and in-store retail spaces and windows. I love the challenge of problem-solving fresh, competitive, and highly strategic creative solutions.

I am an Imaginationologist. (A what?)  That's a problem solver, a story teller, and a unicorn charmer. (I call one's creative inspiration your "unicorn" so it's not that weird). In professional terms, that makes me a hybrid creative director with the skills of an art director, graphic designer, copywriter, and oftentimes, a brand strategist. I use a combination of these creative skills along with logic, business savvy, intuition, and a whole lot of imagination to solve any given creative problem.

I like to help brands understand who they are, or who they want to be, and then create creative solutions that knock their socks off.  My style combines strong concepts with sophisticated design. Having been a creative advertising teacher, I am well-versed at recognizing good ideas and nurturing them into great ones. I have strong management skills and have the ability to juggle many jobs at once. I love to present work and have excellent client rapport. I’ve supervised creative and production staff and have also directed the work of outside vendors such as photographers, directors, stylists, illustrators, models, voice talent, editors, and production companies. I have a strong knowledge of print production, TV/video production, web/mobile design, interactive media, and social media. 

Please contact me for a resume to review my complete work experience and skill set, or visit my linked profile at www.linkedin/in/jennpadgett

Warm regards,

Jennifer Padgett Hemsley