The Brandalism Campaign

The Writing is on the Wall.  Inspired by the gorgeous and often cryptic graffiti found in lower Manhattan, we created this campaign featuring strong social commentary into (legal) graffiti.





Print and Outdoor Ads

This campaign launched Spring 2007, and was executed again as a refresh for Fall 2007 


Social Media

Kenneth's interactive blog existed long before the social media of today. For this campaign, the blog was advertised as actual graffiti on the streets of New York - legally. We power-washed sidewalks to clean a negative space for the message, allowing this to be legal.

Spring Look Book

Prior to this campaign's launch, Kenneth did not have a fashion show during NYC Fashion Week. In order to keep editors interested in his new spring collection, we sent out the following look book to show off his mens and womens spring collection, photographed on a mock runway on his company's roof. The NYC skyline and raw, barely retouched images capture the essence of the city as part of the new brand standards.

Retail Design & Store Graphics

To bring the new graffiti inspired graphics to stores, we installed several stores with focal walls with graphic product shots, as seen below.

Original Creative Pitch: How we got there

 Creative Team

Creative Director: B. Walters, S.Wyatt

Art Direction: J. Padgett, M. Brucato, L. Myroth

Copy:  M.Czeczotka,