New Brand Logo

We changed the brand's logo from its staid serif logo pre 2003 to this one, featuring Kenneth's actual signature. In a time before everyone was using handwriting, this solution gave his brand the personal touch we wanted for this luxury label. Part of Kenneth's brand was his unique voice, which comes from the heart. It seemed appropriate to use his actual signature as the logo for his namesake brand to lend a personal feeling that also represented a sign-off from the man himself. 

New York Is A State of Mind

New Brand Standards.   The brand is founded on the truth that being a New Yorker is not necessarily geographical, but rather a state of mind.  The year following Kenneth Cole New York's 20th Anniversary celebration we began the brand's repositioning by writing the new brand standards based on this philosophy. These pages are excerpts from this brand standards guide, and internal document for employees and business partners to understand the new direction  - and feeling - of the brand.. Note: This was an internal corporate document, images used were for this usage only and are not licensed for commercial use. 



Packaging & Collateral

Time to redesign...everything.  All corporate and retail materials changed their design to feature the new logo and design direction.  All new brand collateral was produced with uncoated and recycled materials to emphasize the brand's values on recycling and waste. Colors and papers were to match my formulated off-white and off-black.  The shoe box is a non-collapsable box wrapped with spec black uncoated paper, logo and url are white hot-stamped. Talker is black uncoated with all type white hot-stamped.



Miscellaneous Collateral

Brand Mailer.  The essential brand pun here incorporates both design and copy: "Impressions Of Our Brand..." infers not just to the brand's renovations, but also to the fact that this piece is almost entirely letterpressed (a printing technique of impressions made into paper on a letter press).

Art Direction and Design: J. Padgett, L. Nguyen