Pop Elegance

Tommy Hilfiger Fall/Winter 2007  This advertising campaign is the third installment in a series of Tommy Hilfiger campaigns under the umbrella concept "Iconic America." Each of these seasonal campaigns was photographed in an American national park to show off the natural and dramatic grandeur America has within its borders, unknown by many Europeans, the brand's actual core consumer. This international campaign appeared in magazines and stores around the world. It was also the beginning of the American market's repositioning effort to elevate the brand.


Brand Video

Creative Notes

Shot in Washington's Olympic National Park, where wild sea meets forest, Tommy Hilfiger's cast of friends reunite for a dinner party on Rialto Beach. The perfect gray and moody backdrop offsets this season's bright "pop" collection. This fully integrated campaign includes imagery for print ads, outdoor, retail in-store, web, commerce, printed image piece. Video was for web and in-store usage. Fun fact: The baby grand piano in the images had to be airlifted onto the beach in the national park, but ended up falling into the ocean as an accident. We just kept shooting... It. Was. Amazing. 


Print Ads


Billboard and Outdoor


Collateral Images


Product shots

Some of our American licensee business partners asked us to shoot some (rather plain) products in a similar style to the on-figure images for their marketing collateral. Instead of losing the beauty and feeling of being in the park, we brought the mood to the studio. Wood and rocks were used to mimic the beach at Olympic National, while the use of gray paper turned the composition into a focal piece of art.  

Printed Image Piece


Fashion Show Invitation & Look Book

Design notes: The invitation (left) is duplexed paper with the information side being black gloss type + 3 color gloss logo printed on rubber coated stock, with the backside being a metallic mirror paper with a forest scene printed one color. The invitation envelope is all gloss black. The look book's cover was the same rubber coating as the invitation, with the inside pages printed 5 color on matte stock, spot gloss only on the images. The same forest scene was used in the Fall 20007 fashion show as a backdrop, with a black gloss runway.

Creative Team:

Campaign creative direction: J. Padgett and F. Van Alphen.

Art Direction US Ads & Collateral: J. Padgett

Design for US printed pieces: J. Padgett

Photography (on figure): Dewey Nicks

Fashion Stylist: M. Duplan

Photography (product): Tim Hogan